What We Provide

(just about everything)
This is a very simple page with very basic information. Why? Because we supply just about everything you need other than YOU and any drinks/snacks you want. This is just to remind folks of the basics and I always cover this with folks prior to their trip.

  • Your trip includes all rods and reels, fly equipment, tackle, flies and anything and everything we need to provide you a great day of fishing.
  • Fishing License – we have a blanket license for both boatsso that you do not need to purchase a fishing license.
  • Ice – we take excellent care of any harvested fish and always have ice on board to take care of your catch.
  • Dry Storage – both boats have plenty of dry storage to accommodate a bag or backpack or two, extra clothing, etc.
  • My wonderful sunny cheery attitude (even at 5am). Seriously. Im a morning person.

What to Bring

Please Dress Accordingly.

  • Adequate sun protection – hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
  • Dress properly – mornings and evenings can be quite chilly in the spring and fall and even cloudy summer day. It’s never a bad idea to have a jacket or even a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt in the summer.
  • Rain coat – if there’s a chance of rain.
  • Non-marking shoes if possible.

A Positive Attitude!

The best fishermen are always the most optimistic!

Your own drinks, snacks & food.

We dont provide any drinks or snacks and encourage you to pack accordingly with the time you’ve booked. On most half-day trips folks get by with a couple of drinks, etc. On longer days and full days, many opt to bring lunch.

Water – crucial in the summer months.

If you have a small cooler for your drinks, etc. you are welcome to bring it.

  • On the Parker I can accommodate a cooler of just about any size. If you have one I encourage you to bring it otherwise let me know and Ill make sure I have one on board.
  • On the Pathfinder (flats boat) space is at a premium – we have room for a small cooler or soft cooler. However, I do have a built in drink cooler (and I always make sure it has ice) and I encourage you to use it.

Planning on bringing you own equipment?

Many anglers, particularly fly anglers, want to bring a rod (or four). While this is more customary with fly fishermen, we just ask that you let us know in advance so we can make sure your rod/reel is adequate for the fishing we’re doing and we can plan accordingly with other gear we’re bring.