Now, those that no me know that I am somewhat anti-updating-my-website. PArticularly as I correspond with so many of my long-time clients with facebook, text message, email, blah blah blah.

But I just cant hold it back any longer, and Im also a bit tired of folks asking me if Im fishing as I havent updated everything in so long. Well, rest assured Ive been fishing just about every single day (every day thats not been a blow out!) since early april and it’s been a doozy.

Want to do some of this? Call me. Come down. It’s rockin’

It’s already been a great year and here’s a bit of a recap.

Spring Red Drum – FANTASTIC red drum all winter into May. May is never my favorite month here for reds but it gets better and better as wel get into June with the fishing being of the highest quality in late summer, september and fall.

Bonito – they were a bit late this year due to unseasonably cold temps but we caught them just about all of May.

Flounder – it’s looking like a good one and ive been doing quite well all year. Its been getting better and better and better with every trip.

COBIA – OMG was this a good year or what. It was so stupid great the last 2 weeks of may that i was fishing, literally, dawn to dusk during the peak of the waves. I had multiple 10-15 keeper-sized cobia days. I fished after charters with friends. Days it was almost too windy. It was that good.

Grouper (as well as black sea bass) – Absolutely outstanding. But I need serious anglers, who want a full day, to come do this. Im ready.

Amberjack – it’s back to the days of old, like 4-5 years prior, when we were slaying them all summer on topwater plugs and the fly. Want some on the fly? Come on down.

Noodling for Amberjack – filmed by my client Jim. Put us together and we do dumb things.

Little brag – a good friend takes my wife fishing while Im working and she comes back with this huge gag she catches on a light flounder rod and a bucktail. As well as a limit of seabass and some triggers, etc – she is a pretty great bottom bouncer and great angler.

COBIA – just pictures of live ones. No more dead fish pics on my site. Most of these were released. I saw baitballs with 25 on them. Free swimming schools of a dozen. We caught 4 or 5 fish without moving the boat. I jumped on friends boats after charters. I called everyone I knew to come experience every single breath taking minute of the cobia run we had this year. Oh – and we’re still catching a few. I didnt take many photos in the chaos but we managed a few. Even got a couple on fly.

Jack – it’s stupid good this year. Grab your 12 weights (or poppers) and come pay me a visit.


The two groups of folks below – Jason/Roger/Donnie and then Joe and Gerry exhausted me. They caught so many my back hurt. And I never hooked one.

Mixed-baggin’ it – bonito, albacore (tons around this year – all the way into june), grouper, flounder.