NEW WaterDog Guide Service Videos!

I pride myself in being ahead of the curve when it comes to fishing and technology, and it was time to break out into the world of internet video. In order to better give my clients the kind of fishing they can expect, as well as let the folks at home and in the office enjoy some of our fantastic fishing, I plan to keep this page updated regularly with new videos highlighting the best of North Carolina Fishing!

With s high-speed or DSL connection, these videos will load in mere seconds - no waiting!

In addition to incredible fishing action, look for great "how to" videos in the near future!


Incredible False Albacore Bait Ball Blitz

Bait Bustin', Wakin' Redfish, Part 1

Bait Bustin', Wakin' Redfish, Part 2

Tailin' Redfish in North Carolina

Fly Fishing for GIANT Sharks

Spoon Feeding Amberjacks!

Big Bluefish on Topwater!

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