Well, today I finally got to take her home. My brand new 2006, model 2300 Deep-Vee Parker. I would like to thank my sponsors – Morehead Marine, Raymarine and Coastal Marine Welding for all helping bring this together.

This boat is going to open up worlds to me. The ride is going to be amazing compared to that of my old modifed-vee parker. In additio to the extremely dry ride, this hull cuts through chop and slop like butter. The full transom provides tons of fishable room – and little luxuries like the bolster pads are going to be loved. She’s also currently in the process of being outfitted with state-of-the-art Raymarine electronics – such as the A65 unit and S1000 autopilot. In addition, the real gem of this hull is the t-top – finally we’re going to have some serious shade and protection from the summer sun and protection from the winter elements. It’s a godsend for both me and my clients.

Together with my Jones Brothers Bateau, I can firmly say WaterDog Guide Service provides one of hte best two-boat guiding platforms in the state. Instead of compromising with a single boat – like a wet, rough-riding bayboat that is a compromise in all situations – my boats will be able to safetly fish the ocean (easily up to 30 miles and beyond) in the Parker and use the skiff to get into seriously skinny water in the backwaters. Literally nothing is outside our reach!

Check out the pics – and call to book your summer BIG FISH charter today!