I look forward to fishing with Drew and Pete all summer – these boys beat out anglers 5 times their age. Of course their parents, Beth and Dave, aren’t bad either…. 🙂

We started out the day with the big Spanish – it was not a stupid hot as the day prior but it was very good. We ended up getting about 16 knockdowns landing about 10? Released all but 2 – every fish was cookie-cutter 5.25-6lbs. Boys did not lose one on the super light tackle – but I managed to yank one off trying to land it and missed several hookups. Clearly I’m the weak link!

Then it was on to grouper – for 9yr old Pete and 11yr old drew? But they killed it – Pete roped in several and drew winched up a keeper without any assistance!

Wow guys! Next year? Amberjack? Or Sasquatch?