Parker 2300 Deep-Vee

Ocean – Inlet, Nearshore and Offshore

My Parker 2300 Deep-Vee is one of the largest, stable and smooth-riding 23′ vessels on the market. With 21 degrees of deadrise, compared to other boats of similar size, it’s ride is like a cadillac in comparison. Powered by a quiet 250HP yamaha four stroke, she is fully rigged with¬†state of the art¬†electronics. I have personally set this boat up to be a multi-purpose fishing vessel – clean and unencumbered for fly-fishermen and full rigged for serious offshore bottom fishing.

The Parker can easily fish up to 4 four adults (max) and we can accommodate up to 5 if part of the party is kids. For most serious fishing trips – 3 is best.

  • Excellent Nearshore and Offshore Boat
  • ALSO rigged for fly fishing
  • Full curtains to keep us dry and warm (in the cool months!)
  • Very dry ride!

Pathfinder Fusion 1900

Inshore & Backwaters- Marsh, Bay, Creeks and Rivers

The Pathfinder Fusion 1900 is a unique boat designed for folks wanting flats boat options in big water areas. Because when you’re crossing big open-water, it’s much better to have a stand-up console! My fusion is rigged with all the bells an whistles expect of a serious flats boat – power pole, trolling motor, poling platform, electronics – you name it, I got it. Drafting only 10 inches we can get to most shallow destinations easily while enjoying a comfortable ride in between. Powered by a 150HP yamaha four stroke – THIS BOAT FLIES. Cruising speed is fast, and, if you want, we can melt your face off cruising at over 40kts.

This boat can comfortably fish a max of 3 anglers although two is best. We accommodate both spin and fly anglers with ease.

  • FAST, dry ride!
  • Shallow draft a excellent compromise between a flats and bay boat
  • Rigged for serious inshore spin and fly fishing