…for convincing me to take y’all out.

Me :It’s pouring rain, there’s a big ground swell and the wind is going to start howling in the next several hours”

Brant: “Sounds like a great day for an adventure lets go!”

But he was right – we got on a pretty decent trout bite first thing catching several really nice specks. Then we beat our way to the cape to find a great albacore bite. Lots of decent pods of fish up and down for several hours. They were much more willing to eat than days prior, but it was hard to get the baits to them…being that we had to time our casts to the swell. We didn’t catch many, but we got a lot of bites and had tons of bites.

When the wind swung around and started blowing 25, gusting to 30 out of the northwest we called it a day.

I may have been right about the weather, but Brant was right about the fishing and adventure.

Always a great time with you boys!