I had a very calm day and a client who was very ready to get offshore and try to raise a sailfish. Jason was ready to sit back and be ready for a couple of good bites – and that’s just what we did.

It was slick calm, and while a lot of people had the same thing in mind that we did, we managed to put some good fish in the boat. We boated 4 nice-sized “tosser” mahi, a an 8lb blackfin tuna, and we got two wahoo boatside (one bit through the mono – another shook the hook loose).

However, we got what we were looking for. We had 2 suspected sailfish hits, lost one that hit a bait bhind the dredge as i was putting it out….and another that successfully ate a bait that i dumped past the dredge. The last gal we hooked up and she put on an incredible show. Stayed close to the boat and probably jumped 30+ times, and I got some great shots of her airborne.

Jason did a great job getting her boat side, and when I billed her she was hooked very lightly and still very green – so Jason made the executive decision to let her go without bringing her aboard for a glory photo (can’t argue with healthy conservation decisions like that). She swam off like a champ.