Welcome to the new WaterDog Guide Service Site! Not only is this site content rich, but its much more interactive than my old platform.

And, hopefully, will be easier to regularly update with the fear of crashing! This has been a work in progress all winter but a recent website problem has made getting the site live a priority.

Content is still a work in progress and some pages are currently blank – this will be changing over the next few days as I finish the material and new pages come online.

Also, note the reservations links – I am using a new electronic reservations/calendar system built by SpottedTailOutdoors.com. Once the code is installed, it will open a popup window allowing clients to request bookings instantaneously!

Now how about some fishing? Water has warmed up a lot – Bonito are starting to show! Come on down, come fishing (and get me away from the computer)!