Windy today – solid 20 all morning. Albies started off slow and the water was a hair dirtier than the day prior.

We struck out looking for reds in the surf….and then we started finding a few small pods of big albies – all on giant silversides. It was a drift and wait game but we got several bites and got em to the boat.

As the tide started to come in, this shifted over to more big albies on smaller baits along tidelines.

We had plenty in missed bites but only hooked about 8 or 9, landing about 6. But they were all 15-20lb MULE “udders”! Excellent class of fish!

About 2 miles off the beach we were joined by a tired and lost yellow warbler that spent 2hrs in my radio box – he rode all the way home with us to be released safely on shore.

Bob and Jeff were a hoot to fish with – look forward to seeing y’all again!