After the Bonito bite starts to slow and the water gets in the low 70s, some of the best and most diverse fishing of the year takes place. May is like October – everything is migrating by. This year we had the typical good King bite, good AJs on the wrecks, the best cobia fishing I have ever experienced, and bar none, the best flounder fishing I’ve seen in 6 or 7 years.

Other than the absurdly great cobia bite, the flounder bite was astonishing – we had several days of LIMITS fishing in the ocean. That’s been an extremely hard thing to accomplish for a long, long time!

Some pics from a few reports…

We had a tough day with east wind and the cobia and Jacks didn’t cooperate so Jason, Donnie and Roger decided to switch plan B – flounder. We absolutely crushed them – catching over 30 with 3 limits. Amazing.


Great afternoon trip with Brent and his lovely wife – we concentrated on flounder landing some serious quantity. We had 7 or 8 keepers with 3 easily being over 5lbs. During this time we also had a shot at a cobia (no bite) before we switched over to looking for some mackerel – we caught a bunch of nice spanish and managed a nice 10-15lb king that we released.



Great day with Philip, Hard and their boys. We wacked some kings and big spanish, caught some flounder and then moved on to the cobia – we had 3-4 shots, landing a good eating size one.


Jason with his first cobia – we lost a couple of big boys before he spotted a pod of 6 or so, threw his jig into the middle of it just to watch the smallest fish rush out and grab it immediately. Still, we got him (and he was a keeper)!


Great day with Maria and Amy – we did a lot of different things too. It was a bit too over-cast to look for cobia so we hit the wrecks. First fish we saw was a cobia that tried to eat one of our poppers – couldn’t get it buttoned up…but we hit the jacks hard. Amy also had 3-4 strikes from king mackerel on the poppers with the one picture skying three feet out of the water when he hit it. Absolutely incredible strike. We finished up the day on an incredible flounder bite – we left them biting and kept close to two limits, tossing back several keepers.





The Gibson crew did really well landing on an exceptional flounder bite – we landed a bunch and had several over 5lbs. Good job guys!


Jeff and his buddy (and their ladies) had a very good, though rough, day. We fought east wind and some rain and caught a few flounder and spanish before trying to get the girls on some big fish – we had to work a bit for them with the wind but we managed some nice jacks. Despite a little sea sickness in the chop, the girls did great and got their fish.