July 2010 has to be the windiest July of the last decade. In the 8 years I’ve been guiding full time, my records indicate that I can fish offshore (or be able to get out the inlet no problem) and average of over 5 days per week. After the first 8 days of the month, which were all slick calm, the wind has been blowing non-stop. While the inside fishing has been great, here is a report of what we’ve been doing when the wind isn’t HOWLING.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the jacks on topwater – fly and spin, excellent flounder fish and big spaniards on the wrecks….and offshore, amazing fishing for bailer dolphin. We’ve encountered some giant schools of bailers and played with them with topwater poppers for hours – easily keeping what we needed and releasing many more. When you catch a mahi-mahi on a lure on a light rod they are an entirely different gamefish. You barely want to catch them any other way.

7-8′ 150lb+ Tiger Shark that ate my chum bag (AWESOME!):


JACKS – all on poppers:





An example of a graet day with great people – Paul and his son Jacob fish with me a lot and this time we went first for jacks catching 4 or so on poppers before deciding to look for dolphin. We found the motherload – seemingly miles of them roaming temp breaks. Huge, HUGE schools – we caught and caught and caught and caught them probably boating over 80?? We kept about 15 releasing the rest – they were small with most being 3-6lbs but we had a couple nicer ones mixed in. What a day!