The last two or three years have given us very calm July 4th weeks, and I’ve been able to get out and get offshore and spend the day generally avoiding other humans. Several years of that made me forget why I swore to not work on July 4th weekend – until this year I had forgotten how insanely crazy it gets inshore during the 4th. I think I am going to go back to offshore or no fishing on the 4th policy…inshore is just too much

Regardless of all the people, we managed to catch a few fish. Eric and Amy caught some spanish and blues on fly before we failed on finding a drum – we moved over to some sheepshead fishing, pulling off several big ones and landing a nice 5lb’r (pictured). We tried to sight cast to sharks but all the boat wake, wind and crazy pick-nickers made it difficult. Eric was a great sport and excellent caster – we still got a couple shots and pulled off a nice bonnethead. Next time!

Sunday was much of the same, just windier. Chuck, Don and Hill and Holden picked away at the spanish and blues before trying our hand at shark fishing. Unfortunately anchoring the boat started to get a couple of folks green in the gills so we moved off to find some bonnetheads. Grand-dad did good and the boys got to land a 20lb bonnie before we moved in. Not the most exciting day, but we had a great time!