Ty, who has been hunting with me for the past three youth days, was rarin’ to go again this year.

We had decent weather – a chilly morning and a bit of stiff wind but it did not happen for us like I would have liked. Being it was so windy first thing, we had to leave a little later (for safety reasons) and got set up just after shooting light.

But, Ty did very, very well! We didn’t have a ton of birds work us today, but he sure made the best of it. After watching several large flocks of wigeon ignore us, a pair of black ducks lit at about 25 yards. We had a cross breeze and they were coming in sideways….so, it was a tough shot and we had a couple of wiffs.

The next group was five gadwall – they came in as pretty as could be…and Ty blasted two of them for a TRUE DOUBLE! Thirty minutes later…a pair of gaddies came in and TY busted two of them for ANOTHER TRUE DOUBLE. Holy cow – I’ve never had two true doubles in a day!!!

But we did finish out the day with another wiff on a pair of black ducks, but I forgive him – he was a stellar shot today!

Good job Ty!