Inshore Shallow Water Fishing

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Shallow water fishing in the estuaries, back bays and creeks is our overall most popular fishing option. The runs to the fishing grounds are short  and fish are available year round. We cater to spin and fly anglers alike. Our favorite method of fishing is casting artificial lures (or flies for the fly fishermen) for red drum and trout and it is by far what most anglers request. We utilize a fantastically equipped and comfortable 19′ Pathfinder Fusion flats boat that gets us to the fishing spots quickly.

The majority of the time we chase redfish (red drum), speckled trout and flounder. However, we have many options available in the backwaters. We have excellent bluefish and spanish mackerel around the inlets. We also do great mixed bag trips for sheepshead and black drum. Based off the tide, we can combine multiple types of fishing to customize the trip to what you to do. Flies, artificials and bait – we do it all.

Our most popular target species is red drum and we love fishing for them with topwater lures! Red drum and speckled trout can be caught all year!

Tailing redfish on the proper tides (plan and book well in advance) is very popular with fly anglers. To learn more about our fly fishing options, check out our Fishing Fishing Info Page

Inshore fishing is good year round but PEAK  inshore months are August, September and October.

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Inshore Family Trips

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Our inshore and inlet trips are pretty much the same thing, and you’ll also find information on them on our oceans page. A lot of folks traveling to the area just want to enjoy an easy half day or 3/4 day fishing with friend or family. Many prefer to stay in the calmer waters of the inlet and sounds, and we have plenty of options for family or groups that number up to 5 or 6 people (our max is four adults although we can accommodate more people if the group includes kids).

We can cast or troll for bluefish and spanish mackerel. Bounce the bottom for flounder in both the backwaters and the nearshore ocean. If you want a big pull, we have several options to target sharks (catch and release only) of all sizes inside the inlet during the summer and fall months. Some shark species like bonnetheads are smaller and more manageable. If you want to pull on something really big like blacktips or bulls…yes, we can do that to.

For anglers of less experience we can also utilize our pathfinder flats boat (max 3 people) to fish for red drum, black drum, sheepshead, bluefish, etc.

Give us a call – we’ll put together the exact trip you desire.

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