With all the thunderstorms around this morning, it’s a good time to update the blog.

Matt and son had a great morning a couple days ago – lots of Spanish and guess who showed up? Albacore – nice pods eating big baits – perfect for spin and fly. We caught and released about 5 – tons of fun!


Will had an entertaining morning – we worked a school of reds first thing landing several overslot fish on top waters. We even had a large bull shark try to eat one in 2′ of water – total chaos and whitewater. The red avoided his jaws and we landed him but it sure was exciting!

We ended the day hooking several overslot reds around the docks and lost a 4lb+ trout at the gunnel.

Marsh trout fishing remains excellent.



It was a slick cam morning – we started off with a few blues, Spanish and jacks near the beach before we hit the wrecks. The big Spanish bite was as good as it gets, period. While the old dudes watched, brad and john landed a bunch, lost a big king and had 4 citation fish between 6 and 7.5lbs!

We finished the day with a few nice flounder – good job guys!