Before I get into the report I just want to thank all my customers for what has been an incredibly easy month – not easy on the knees and back – but easy on the soul as every day I’ve returned to the dock, regardless of the quality of the fishing, such great times were had and I owe that to folks like Dave, Beth and their sons Drew and Pete…and my good client Jim and Ann and Roger and some other new comers that always remind me what I love so much about my job – the people I am so fortunate to spend time with on the water and the experiences we get to share together.

June is usually about the ocean and while the ocean fishing is great all summer – inshore starts to give us a lot more options come July.

We’ve had a run of good weather this year – much better than years past at least – and it’s allowed me to get out and do considerably more good bottom fishing.

Flounder and Black Sea bass nearshore.

Jacks – the amberjack fishing has been outstanding. Some places we need bait other places it can be all poppers and flies. It just depends on the wind and how you want to fish for them.

Grouper, triggers, Black Sea bass, and some big red snapper in the deep. The grouper fishing has been outstanding.

A note on grouper – at the mention of grouper everyone wants to catch grouper. But to catch grouper you need to have your “stuff” together to winch those bad boys off the bottom…and you have to be willing to commit to the time and trip needed if you consistently want to land them. While we often land 1 or 2 on nearshore full days….the vast, vast majority of our grouper are landed on offshore full days.

Offshore full days start at $650 and range to $750-800 and are based completely on gas burn…cause it takes a lot of $4.75/gallon non-ethanol gas to get to them..

We’ve been catching some nice red snapper this year – and this July we have 8 days during which we can keep them – July 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 26 – say the word and im happy to try!

Inshore – some good reds, sheepshead and black drum and spanish mackerel and big bluefish. I’ll post some inshore reports in the next few days.

A few pics – starting with some of our biggest grouper.

Dave and Beth and Pete and Drew had a couple of great days –
Regular “favorites” Drew and Pete caught these big boys all on their own (look closely and you’ll see their matching waterdog shirts) – and they even let their folks catch a couple – Dave is pictured below with a piggy Gag he caught on the adults-only-trip (he also got a large Almaco on fly – one of the only big ones I’ve ever seen landed on fly)

Check out Ann’s huge red snapper – she caught TWO like that! We vented them – and they’ll be there waiting for the opening in July!