Commercial Fishing interests are out of control in North Carolina, and we need to let our state representatives know about it.

The Marine Fisheries Commission is currently filled with members who are blatantly bending and breaking state laws in order to swing the pendulum as far to the commercial fishing sector as possible. They not only break state law but certain members are voting on issues – such as trawling for striped bass – to directly put money in their own pockets. The system is beyond broken and we need gamefish status to protect our stocks IMMEDIATELY. Years of asking the MFC to properly manage our stocks have been IGNORED in leu of short-term financial gains.

They ignore the law, the science, the recreational representatives on their own board and who attend the meetings – they also blatantly disregard the fantastic science and research provided by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries.

No longer can we stand to have our valuable sportfish stocks – particularly red drum, speckled trout and stripes – abused by commercial fishermen who are only looking for short term financial gain.

Not only should you email your local NC representatives to ask them to support gamefish status for these three species, but directly email the NC Speaker of the House AND the Senate Pro Tem.

Link to this on your blog, Facebook – wherever – get the word out!!!!