Here’s a short update on what’s been happening so far in 2014 and wow has May been busy for me. Inshore and offshore we’ve been doing it all.

Inshore – things are still heating up on the red drum side of things – like most years, it will just get better as we get further in June. We’re currently catching some great 5-10lb bluefish and are enjoying some excellent sheepshead and black drum fishing!

Nearshore and offshore – the cobia fishing has been hit or miss. We’ve had some great days landing 10 or more but the majority of the season has been weak on the sight casting side of things due to weather and below average water temps.

The wreck flounder fishing for gulf and summer flounder is much, much better than last year and we’re catching some great fish. We’ve already landed 5 citation fish over 5lbs in the last few weeks.

Black seabass fishing is also excellent — we’re catching some nice grouper (along with triggers, etc) further offshore when we get the weather!

Just like last year – the amberjack fishing is just unreal good. Eat your wheaties and hold on — bait, topwater and fly has been excellent. I’ll be uploading a great short little topwater fly video shortly.