Bonito fishing the past few years has been pretty so-so, but this year is really bringing back old times. Good consistent fishing.

Yesterday was a great morning – Kyle and Kim got to witness some of the best Beaufort inlet bonito of the past 5 years. They tore up the surface for the better part of 2hrs – they were on small bait so you needed to have your stuff together! We caught some big fish too – with Kim having one topping 8lbs!

Did I mention it was slick calm too?

We finished out the day jogging for flounder – there was so little current it was hard to cover ground but we eventually found a good little knot putting 4 keepers in the box and missing several more prior to heading on in. We finished the day following a leatherback in the hopes of seeing a cobia (no go).

What a great day – I look forward to seeing y’all again!