The weather was horrible monday and tuesday – and while it was quite nice wed and today…..the albies have disappeared on us. We’ve covered a lot of water and seen hardly a fish.

I went out with regulars Dave and Sue today in hopes to do a little bit of everything (that’s what we love to do anyway). Looking for flounder and what not – this is what we found. A big school of 40″+ reds sitting on the bottom. 60′ of water and not in the range of fly rods but they were hitting just about everything we dropped.

Drop a bucktail, jig for a couple of minutes – BAM. Big fight. Land the fish, take a picture…vent and release fish. Wash up, rest for a few minutes…rinse and repeat. We did this for about 3.5hrs before the thunderstorms ran us in. It was an automatic bite. But, come the storms, Dave and Sue were wiped out at that point anyway and we went in early. Fish ranged from 38 to 47″!

Always nice to get trophy reds on artificials!

Dave was kind enough to download his pictures and send them to me already – I even got to jump in and ruin a few photos.