It’s been a hot summer – I keep thinking it should be September already but we’re barely half-way through August. Thankfully we’ve enjoyed a lot of good fishing and I’ve been extremely busy.

Inside – very good redfishing for a mixed class of fish between 20 and 33″. The best days are when we have good tides early and late in the day as the fish seem to be feeding a lot better in the early/late hours. We’ve also had some great flounder fishing around the docks – windy days being the best.

Ocean – plenty of big 4-8 spanish on the wrecks and we’ve had a lot of fun chumming them up – some nice ‘cudas are around just to mix it up. The Jack fishing (fly and popper) is also great I just haven’t done it lately! Would love to just need someone who wants to make it happen!

Nearshore – we’ve had a lot of fun fishing for spanish and blues with the kids on light spinning rods (probably the best trip there is for kids under 12!). Lots of big sharks around in the shallows to tug on…and some fun bonnethead fishing on the right tides.

Couple of great red trips from this week on the calm mornings – we found some really big schools of fish prowling oyster bars and managed to stay on them for hours, catching as many as 10-20 during 3+ hours. They can be spooky but if you can make the cast – they will cooperate.

Graham and Andy just killed it this morning – we were on fish for the entire half-day!

A couple of over-slots….

Alex and his nephew had a great morning – they were a little less agreeable to the topwater this morning but they hit everything else very well.

Some very happy kids!!!

Big Spanish and a Cuda that was an epic fight on a 8lb spinning outfit!

A good day with Tom, Tom and Tommy with Capt. Tom (seriously!). We had some good fun with the big spanish (but couldnt find much of a flounder bite) – Tommy ended the day with a nice bonnethead that he jigged up himself!