I tried to keep it secret for as long as possible, but the word is pretty much out (and I have a few open days) so it’s time to come clean and do a quick report. I do have dates available after May 6th (thurs), including Saturday May 8th and I would love to get a few sponsors out on the water! Give me a call if interested!

April has been a great month for the Bonito – I caught my first one on April 4rth (tied for the earliest I’ve ever landed one out of Beaufort Inlet) and I have found them steady for just about every single fishable day since. While April can be a windy month, I’ve been blessed with pretty good conditions – at least 3-4 workable days each week in between the blow days. Fish have been very agreeable to the fly and we’ve caught most casting – on a few days the troll has been better and it’s on those days that we just SMOKED them!

Last week was fairly excellent – good numbers of fish just about every morning and just about nothing in the way of boat pressure (hence a good reason to keep some things to ourselves!. Bonito have been just about everywhere – some days we opt for the short runs, other days we opt for longer trips to find the epic bites. It’s just about all worked out.

There are also plenty of blues to keep us busy, the flounder jigging has been very consistent and the Amberjacks are starting to show up (and starting to get a hair more aggressive)!

Backwaters: Consistent red drum, a few flatties and the sheepshead are already THICK. It’s gonna be a good year for the sheepies! Once these Bonito start passing I’ll be going after some big sheepshead to go along with the drum – look soon for some good reports!