The amberjack fishing has simply been insane this summer and last summer – and appears to be getting better. It’s been non-stop all summer long with the big jacks anywhere from 5 miles from the inlet to long 30 mile runs to super-aggressive very fly-friendly fish. I expect the bite to continue through october and even improve as the fish get ready to migrate as the water temps cool.

Bait fishing is simply too easy. Many days it’s been all you want on flies, poppers and butterfly jigs. I have really worked on the fly fishing side and have it down to a science – much of the bite is knowing where to go and how to fish that specific spot. On the fly, there is nothing better than watching 10 30-40lb fish chase down a popper and eat it right at the gunnel. Even with a 12 weight, it’s not nearly as hard as you might imagine – it’s all about the “pop and switch.” However, it’ll be the hardest pull you’ve ever had.

2009 will hopefully be even better!

A few pics of AJs going after some flies…

A few fighting photos…


A few end result photos!