Just a few of the new things I added this summer, among many others. Expect more updates this fall with more cool stuff…

Who loves Quantum reels? I sure do! They have been a godsend to me after my previous favorite reel maker decided to make all of their products in China…and I watched their quality plummet. So last year I got a few quantums to use and test out for my own purposes – I was so impressed that I decided to make the switch. Quantums have proven to be very smooth, very resistant to corrosion, their drag stands up to constant use and the no-bend titanium bail and bail magnet are amazing – that eliminates 80% of the problems that I have with spinning reels! I have been so impressed that I’ve added 20 quantums to my arsenal – From now on, I won’t be using any spinning (or baitcasting) reels other than quantum. In the mix are a bunch of Bocas (sizes 20 through 60), a few Cabos, a bunch of the light weight catalysts for trout and drum fishing and a couple of the saltwater energy PTS baitcasters for myself.

A few more St Croixs – as my clients and friends know. I am a HUGE fan of St Croix rods. Here are just a few of the new St Croixs I got this year – a bunch of Tidemasters and even a few of the extremely light/sensetive Legend Inshore rods (with the amazing recoil guides – retail is $330 a pop per rod!). Also, I added a couple new 8 weights, a 6, some 7s, 10s and a new meat stick 12 weight (with the big fighting grip) for AJs and big sharks

New trolling motor – the new Minn Kota Riptide ST. 80lb of thrust with no more plugs – this thing is a beast and really pulls my skiff along. It also has a new remote which has high-speed by-pass and also lets you activate the auto-pilot!

XM satellite weather – what a life-saver. I like it so much I might also put it on my skiff. It provides me with real-time NEXRAD radar that is accurate within 1-2 minutes. There have been so many times this summer during which I used it to avoid storms, drive around them – and even plan our fishing time around them. Not only is it an amazing safety measure for small boaters but it’s really allowed us to be more productive with our fishing time. Now we don’t have to be surprised by pop-up summer storms and lose fishing time – we can plan around it!