9/23 – I went fishing in the afternoon all by my lonesome. The weather was gorgeous, the tide was perfect and the fish were biting. I filled a cooler up with big 15-20 count greentail shrimp and then went fishing – in two hours I landed 24 drum between 14 and 20″and three big lady fish. I also lost a big flounder at the gunnel…

9/24 – Today I had the absolute pleasure of fishing with Ernie and his friend Steve. Steve lives in the high desert of California and had never experiened ocean fishing before. In the morning, we spent a few hours in the ocean – and nothin’ was goin’ on, period. We flounder fished for probably 30 mins, lost several and Ernie got a nice 3-4lb fish off the bottom that a ‘cuda finished off before we could boat it. With nothing going on, we pulled the lines and went in to switch boats and hit the tide for some Reds.

Before we started fishing, Ernie (a Louisiana native who can throw a cast net as well as anyone I know) and I netted a cooler full of gorgeous 15-20 count shrimp. Then we were on to fishing and it didn’t take long. In a little over 3 hours these two excellent anglers landed 20 reds and lost probably twice that number. They hit everything – live shrimp, culprit shrimp and a shrimp imitation on the fly pole. Between the two of them, they hooked 7 reds on the fly and Ernie got one of them to the boat for a picture. While Steve didn’t get one on the fly, he did manage the fish of the day – a beastly 26 incher that ran us all over the creek before we boated him for a picture.

Again, it was an absolute pleasure fishing with you guys!

9/25 – Went fishing today with my buddy Captain Gordon Churchill – well, actually we went shrimpin. We filled a cooler with giant 15-20 count greenies and fished for a bit afterwards. We landed some reds, ladies and croakers before we called it a day and went in to cook some shrimps.

9/26 – This afternoon I took out Chris and Nikki of Pennslyvannia for a little puppy drum action and, again, the bite was on. However, before we started fishing, I loaded up a cooler full of gorgeous 15-20 count greenies for them to take home for dinner.

They fished the tide hard landing probably 12-15 reds in the 15-20 inch range and Nikki landed two speckled trout – only problem was they were smaller than the shrimp they ate (6-7″).