My heart goes out to the thousands of folks hurt in this terrible disaster

Pre-Katrina, I gased up all my business-related tanks and hoped for a pretty labor day weekend. Beaufort was dead quiet but the waters were pretty busy with boats and fishermen. I felt guilty fishing in the light of such a terrible disaster but my heart goes out to the thousands of folks left homeless.

9/2 – I again had the pleasure of having David aboard – he is truly one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. It was a gorgeous calm morning and we decided to concentrate on big spanish and flounder. At first we had to weed through the hound fish to find the mackerel, but they provided some good entertainment to start the morning – those stinky fish sure can run and jump on light tackle!

However, after a half-dozen hounds, we did finally found the spanish and David landed his first – a strong 2.5lb fish.

After the spanish, we switched our tactics over to flounder – and the bite was pretty darn good. They were hitting extremely well but the two of us had trouble getting the hooks to land squarly in their mouths – however, among some shorts, David got to bring two pretty 19″ fish home with him for dinner. I look forward to getting you out for some trout this fall!!

9/3 – Again, I had the pleasure of fishing with Wright and Wright (WSquared) in as many weeks. Last time we went out we found a good bite of smaller flounder (14-16″) – today was much the same, but every fish was much larger. The bite was extremely steady as W^2 landed fish after fish and probably lost just as many – almost all of the fish

While we were floundering – the light line was very active and among some hounds, Wright was able to land a gorgeous 4lb spaniard while we had several bite-offs. Unfortunately I was not able to fly the kite today due a lack of wind – but we would have slayed them nonetheless.

We finished off the day doing a bit of trolling, we raised a couple of dolphin, caught a couple small kings and a massive 30lb barracuda that bit through the wire as I tried to pull him in the boat.

Again guys, always a pleasure fishing with you – I look forward to some good fall fishin’ days!

9/4 – This morning I fished with George and Andy, aka Captain Sandbar. They hadn’t done much in the way of nearshore fishing and really wanted to give it a shot – and man, these boys can fish! They listened intently and within minutes were fishing like pros – constantly raggin’ on each other about the size of their various fish.

Today we had a steady breeze going and I decided I wasn’t going to mess around – I yanked out the kite first thing and had her up and flying before we even had flounder baits in the water. If I had a good bait on the kite, it wouldn’t last 2 minutes before a big spanish woudl sky on it or visously slash at it. Between netting flounder and re-setting the kite, my hands were seriously tied!

Between countless flounder, George and Andy would take turns fighting the big spanish (3-6lbs) on super light 10lb tackle. The two big ones of the day were a couple of spaniards I estimate to be between 7-9lbs – one pulled the hooks after a 150+yd run and another wrapped around an anchor line probably 100 yds away.

Before I new it, the cooler was bulging with big flatties and huge spaniards – had we concentrated solely on the kite, it would have been amazing how many big spanish we would have landed. Seriously, every time I bust out the kite we have some serious amazing hookups – particularly with the kigns and spanish. I really look forward to fishing with it heavily this fall!!! If I get enough interest, I may even get a helium system so i can use it on calm days 😉

Back at the dock, George and Andy were amazed at how much meat you get from nine flounder – particularly those in the 18-22″ range!
Again, great fishin with you guys and I hope to see you again in the future!

[b]Captain Sandbar with a pretty 4lb flat.[/b]

[b]Come do some of this this fall!![/b]