The rain hasn’t been as bad as I expected – no torrential downpours yet, just a steady rain that’s being plastered into the side of my house. As of a couple hours ago, it’s blowing a solid 50-60knots with some gusts over 65-70. Power is still on with only one flicker to speak of. There are some downed branches in the backyard and I had some water pour through a broken screen in the kitchen – an easy fix. I’m going to go to front street in beaufort when the eye wall comes through and see if the reports of water way over the docks is true.

Other than that – it’s just me and the puppy, nothing is on TV and we’re bored to death. It’s probably about time to make some king rigs, tie some flies or make dinner…

Picture of the surf yesterday at LOW TIDE (notice waves rolling beyond the end of the pier) – right now the wash is coming into the dunes.

This puppy is extremely bored: