Water is still dirty from the rain but clearing up daily – particularly with this northeast wind. It’s just going to take time for the bottom of the water column to clean up.

Beaches and Piers – Some fall spots are starting to show up along with some black drum. Good-sized pompano have been the mainstay of the catch with big runs coming in now and then. Some piers are reporting gray trout and flounder – but the reality is that very few of these fish are being landed in the surf zone. However, with the millions and millions of mullet in the water – the fall flounder exodus is about to happen. Blues and spanish remain scattered.

Inshore – Small kings and big spanish are popping up now and then on the wrecks and off of the beach – small concentrated schools of fish eating big baits. Hard to stay on them but when you do, it’s a major bite. Albacore are mixed in with spanish and make for great fun on the fly. A lot of gray trout are starting to chew as well and schools are popping up from the marsh and in the hook to the shipping channel and ARs. Most of the fish are small with some bigguns available now and then.

Inshore wrecks/lv bottom – if we could get there (soon, my friends soon) there are triggers and grouper on the bottom and kings and Amberjacks on the top.

tight lines,