This afternoon, I headed out to a few of the ARs with good buddy Captain Scott Crocker of in search of some clean water and good fishing.

Unfortunately, the clean water didn’t ever find us or vice versa but the fishing was steady (if not a bit slow). The better water is still east up shackleford and out to the cape and i did hear of some decent spanish catches very early this morning – when the water is poor like this, think early (and/or late!).

Scott and i worked some rubble and live-bottom hard and came back with probably a dozen or so keeper-sized fish (7 of which we kept) a few small seabass and that big mondo 2lb-er – some of you maybe not think he’s big – but for the heavily fished ARs in 40 feet of water, that guy is a beast!

Also noteable was the large ray that broke me off and the big ‘cuda that kept trying to eat our flounder/trashfish – he did manage to SLAM a little seabass at the surface and peeled off a few yards of line before sawing the unfortunate fish in half.

Things should clear up soon!

On another note, if anyone needs to reach me this weekend – try my cell (919 423 6310).