Wow, we have absolutely KILLED the reds this last week – some of the best redfishing I have ever experienced! I have tons of pictures but I’ll just give you a taste now – ill put up a full report this upcoming week!

All week long we have seen so many tailers – but the last two days have been epic. For the last two days I have found massive schools of reds running the banks and busting big schools of shrimp. Yesterday, for three hours, we had schools of reds (anywhere from 20-50+ fish) coming in waves past the boat, busting shrimp and frothing the water like pods of false albacore. Some of the schools were so big they had gulls working them – no joke. It was simply incredible. and went on for hours. While we were fighting fish, we had other reds trying to steal the lures out of their fishs’ mouths as more fish ran past the boat down the bank. Yesterday I lost count of how many we caught, today I caught twenty reds and five nice trout. I have these schools dialed in and anyone interested should give me a call – the fishing has been incredible. I also have great tides for tailers over the next 3 days!!

Also, the bonus are the huge numbers of shrimp – today I cast net 7lbs (deheaded!!) in less than a half-hour of netting bait!

It’s hard to see – but the wake is about 100 reds pushing water while they chase shrimp down the bank…

Steve with a fish that came out of a school of 50+


Shrimp Duty…