I teamed up with Captain Billy Brewer of the Fisherman’s Inn (www.fishermansinn.net) for a two boat trip with a bunch of great guys from the midwest. Flounder was the plan and these boys wanted to get some dinner in the boat.

With 100 mullet in the livewell, and with Captain Billy following, i headed out with larry snr, larry jr and bill in search of some flats. We pulled up to my one of my favorite spots and within minutes we were catching flounder. The conditions and attitude of these fish are changing every day and today the fish averaged from 1.5-2lbs and bit very well on the outgoing to low tide? Once the tide switched, the bite tapered. But for the 3 hours they hit, these boys did well – it took them a while to get used to the flounder strategy, but after missing a few dozen strikes, they boated 8 nice fish before the action changed.

Prevelant (and almost annoying) today were the spanish and kings that were making mince meat of my flounder rigs – they were even hitting live shrimp on the bottom (we know, because we landed several on live shrimp). Thus when the flattie bite slowed, i started to live chum and within seconds big MONDO spanish were slashing bait only feet from the boat. Using ten pound spinning tackle, we produce numerous bite offs, unbelievable topwater hits and screaming drags. All three of my clients fought and landed a big mackerel on the light tackle – the first being 5;b 13oz spanish and the second being a 5lb 11oz spanish! The third was a 23.5 inch king that barely missed the cut. These fish took nearly ten minutes to land on light spinning tackle and put up the fight of a lifetime – few people have ever experience that! Today the ticket was small mullet – they would not touch the large mullet or shad, period.

I would love a fly angler to call me up so i could tease up some of these fish and plop a fly in their face!

The gentleman I took fishing this morning were just that – an absolute pleasure to be around, and fishing is only made better by great company. Good fish and good people – doesn’t get much better than that.

This weather is cool and the fishing is HOT! What are you waiting for?