During the last week I have had some of the best red fishing that I have ever had – and it is only a sign of things to come for the fall (and hopefully future years!). With great numbers of shrimp this year in the rivers in creeks, everything came together this past full moon – as the shrimp moved on the extreme tides…everything came together. We found huge schools of reds busting shrimp and churning the water like false albacore or bluefish…and when we were done it was nothing to castnet 5-10lbs of shrimp!

I had the best luck on the incoming and full tide – any baits were productive but I did best, as always, with Redfish magic spinnerbaits in chart. or electric chicken – I also tossed DOA shrimp for a bit as there were good numbers of trout and a few flounder in the area.

8/13-Today I took out the Dawson crew from Columbus, Ohio – Terry and Brian wanted to get the boys on some reds and we did it in no time. In 3 hours we landed somewhere around 10 slot reds and cast net about 5lbs of shrimp to end the day – great fun guys!

8/12-I went out this morning, with my dog and HAMMERED the reds catching 20 (12 slot fish) and 5 nice speckled trout (including a 2.5lb speck on the fly) in less than 3 hours. The majority of the time I was casting to big schools of fish pushing water and slamming shrimp – it was driving my dog NUTS. When I was done, I cast netted 7lbs of shrimp in less than 30 minutes.

8/11-Same as the day before – big schools of fish slammin bait. I went out with the Smith group from Raleigh and we landed 15 slot fish and a few rats in 4 hours – awesome fishing. No pictures though – it rained nearly the entire time and i didnt want to get the camera wet

8/10 – Steve and Gary were two of my first clients to experience this great run of fish – we first found small schools of fish pushing shrimp before we found large schools of reds that were pushing water and running shrimp up on the bank. When they were hooked up with fish, there would be a dozen fish trying to steel the lure out of their fishs’ mouth while other big schools of reds swam past the boat – it was AMAZING. Steve also pulled a 3.5lb flounder out of the fray on a DOA shrimp!

[b]It’s hard to see, but experienced red fisherman will see a huge school of 100+ fish pushing bait – this was the afermath of a large school busting shrimp.[/b]

[b]The Catches![/b]


We had GREAT tailer fishing last week – and on *most* days we saw any where from 8 to 20 fish in a few hours. Seeing them is one thing, catching them is another – many of my anglers are amazed at not only how exciting it is but how challenging. On one night EVERYTHING came together – Captain Scott and I fish a great tide this past week where we saw 20+ tailers, each landed two and broke off several more (including one I hooked that I believe was over 30 inches and in less than 8 inches of water!) – all on the fly. Now that’s good fishing! Next available dates: September 8, 9 & 11th.


[b]The FIGHT is on![/b]