The conditions are great this week – I have good dates open for dolphin, kings and other ocean goers and the tides are great for tailers this week – [b]I have two dates open for tailers, Monday evening and Wednesday evening![/b]

8/6 – Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one Captain that targets tailin’ reds succesfully ’round here ( You da man Gordo!). I have been fishing for them tons this summer but I rarely have much to report – tailing reds are even harder to photograph than they are to catch! I have some good photos today!

I headed out tonight with my good buddy Admiral Lean Damont (name changed to protect the identity of the angler) to find some tailers. The tide was decent and Dean I headed to a great new spot Captain Scott and I found a long while back and have talked about fishing forever. Well, the area was loaded with fish and we had good shots at over a dozen fish in a little more than 90 minutes. I hooked four and landed one – a pretty 25″ fish. Dean hooked three and landed one – a 28″ fish. All onthe fly rod – all great fun!!!

[b]FIND THE TAILS!!!![/b]

8/5 – Captain Scott and I headed out today to mess around for a few hours before Scott had to be at work. We managed a good bite, hooking several big ‘cudas, a nice 10lb gaffer cow dolphin, a 3lb spanish mackerel and jumping off another nice dolphin. All within 5 miles of the beach.

8/2 – Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Hoosier’s Mike and JAred. The original plan, since it was so nice, was to go Dolphin fishin’ but after a few miles everyone was feeling woozy so we played with a few giant schools of busting spanish and went back in, switched boats and went to fidn the reds.

While the tide wasn’t ideal, we still found a decent bite – and Jared got his first red – a gorgeous 26 3/4″ brute that doubled him over and ran us all around a creek for 5+ minutes! Also in the mix – a bonus 17″ speckled trout!