6/9 – 6/11 – During these three days we experienced a couple of the best days for tailing reds that any of us, the few of us who actually target tailers in NC, can remember. Each evening we had between 2-4 hours of good fishing time and for two of the three nights we simply had amazing numbers of fish…and it should just get better all year. I have a good smattering of dates every month (call for availability) and prime dates still open in the fall.

6/9 – Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Ashley and Stephen – Ash. didnt believe that reds tailed in NC and I promised him I’d show him a few. Well, after the first *experimental* flat was a bust – we were on the fish, hardcore. During the whole evening we saw fish everywhere we went and probably had good shots at 12+ reds – one of which was easily over 33 inches. Ashley landed his first one – which he stalked for almost a hundred yards. When he landed that fish he was so pumped!!! AWESOME! We got some great video that we should be putting online in the near future – just to steal Captain Gordon’s thunder 😉

6/10 – I had the honor of fishing with John this evening and we were on them with the fly rod. It was a bit breezier this evening and the fish a bit more scattered – we still got to see at least 10 tailers and had decent shots at 2-3. Again, this is extremely hard fishing (particularly with the fly rod) and just to get a good shot at one is great!

6/11 – With only 1 hour of good tide tonight and slick calm conditions, I plopped the skiff and went out myself. Well, I was on ’em in seconds. Fish were everywhere – in barely an hour I saw over 25 tailers. At one time I saw more than 6 tailing at the same time. I didn’t even know which fish to stalk. I ended up catching two on the fly – including one on a five foot dangle. Incredible. My crab pot was also full and i had a softshell and plenty of keeper jimmys to steam.

[b]Find the tails!!![/b]

[b]Stalkin’ a fish…[/b]

[b]Fishing in a field?!?![/b]

[b]Ashley’s first tailer.[/b]


6/11 – This morning I had the pleasure of fishing with the Hatrel crew from Louisiana. We were hoping to get off the beach aways but the forcast was way off (go figure). With a howling north wind and a nasty swell, the conditions were brutal. But that didn’t stop the kings – we found a great bite right off the beach and the kids got to land several before the sees started to calm and the bite slowed. “As the sheep left the field,” we decided to try our hand at flounder. The bite was slow at best and we landed a few shorties and some seabass before Bryon hooked into the mother of all flounder. He fought one of the biggest flounder i will every come into contact with for probably 7-10 minutes…and it was a flounder, no question. My guess was 10-15lbs. As the fish started to come off, Bryon handed the rod to his son Dukie so he could finish off the fight. As it neared the gunnel, the fish gave a final surge and broke the line clean. Heartbroken and with a couple of crew members under the weather, we called it a day. Pleasure havin’ y’all on board today!