This morning I fish with Kevin and his two sons Andrew and Nate – all of Ohio. The ocean was slick calm so we decided to go off the beach a ways and see if we could get into some kings or an early dolphin. It is days like this why I own a Parker and not a bayboat – it affoards so many more opportunities to go off the beach and do so many more different types of fishing!

10+ miles off the beach we found amazing blue water, incredible weed lines and slick calm conditions. The problem was all the sharks – we had massive schools of 30lb+ blacktips following the boat making it almost impossible to keep lines in the water. The ate cigar minnows and menhaden, dolphin weenies, plugs and everything I had to offer. While they were a blast to catch, I wanted to get away from them – it was during this time that several schools of kings, a school of big bluefish (10lbs+) swam by as well as a big school of mahi!!! If only I hadn’t had sharks on and lines in the water! I changed tactics and pretty soon we were putting some 24-30 inch kings in the box! No dolphin today, but with a thunderhead rolling in we decided to call it quits and go inshore and look for cobia.

Now we found the rays but we didnt find as many cobia as the day before – but i talked to a friend who said he was even mroe than i had the day before that morning!!!! Who wants to go Friday or Saturday?!?! So we did get a cobia, but he was a bit small and we had to let him go…picture below.

We finished off the day trolling for blues and spanish – the action was constant and we had triple header the entire afternoon and there were even a few spanish mixed in. We even had a big old loggerhead come right up to the boat – she was very much alive but was either tired or sick?

We ended the day with a great mess of fish and I have Kevin and Co. again on Thursday for some flounder and spadefish action. Kevin’s a vet and he gave me 6 m onths of heartguard and frontline for my pup – you the man!!