What an incredible ride lately – seriously. The nearshore ocean fishing has been absolutely breath-taking. The spanish mackerel are in the inlet and on the beach like late summer…the king mackerel are thick and crushing our baits…the cobia are all around us…and the amberjack fishing is absolutely INSANE. Topwater & fly rod – you name it…it’s ON.

Inshore/backwaters – It’s amazing. Trout, Reds, Black Drum, Sheepshead – everything. Ill have a report on that very soon I’ve been teaming up with Capt. Lee Sykes of Finaddict Charters – and this boy has TALENT. I’ll can either put you in touch with him or book him directly.

[b]Open Days: 14th, 15th, 19th (AM only), 24, 25th and a few more later in the month.[/b]

I had Larry and Anne on a gorgeous day – last time they fished with me we flat out wore out kings and dolphin. Today was a little different.

We started out hammering the spanish on the beach to the wrecks – we released many, many fish and kept 3 or 4.

We then hit the AJs and it was on – on topwater poppers. Just about every cast. Seriously – we broke a lot of them off on my light spinning gear but did manage to get some to the boat!

After that it was the kings – but we didnt do it all that long (we had several very quick strikes and got 1 to the boat) BECAUSE all of a sudden two cobia rocketed across my bow…and all i had on was a topwater popper. Welp – i threw it any way. One pop and one of the cobia came in like a jet and sucked it off the surface. One of the most amazing strikes I have ever seen. 45 minutes later Anne expertly landed a 40lb Cobia. Awesome job!!!!

Mike, Rich and I hammered the spanish early and late and also got lucky and had a few bites from big blues – and landed this bruiser. Too much north wind to get off the beach today but we had some KILLER spanish action most of the day!