This morning I again had the pleasure of fishing with Weekender of NCW (Greg) and his wife Kay. It was a gorgeous windless morning with a nice broken up 2-4 foot swell rolling by. We were targeting dolphin with grouper on the back burner.

Action was pretty good to begin with, lots of strikes (mostly shorts) and a few pulled hooks by lots of mystery fish. After a nice blacktip, we hit a good live-bottom spot and one of my dink ballyhoo went off – after the fish spit the bait, the long flat-line dolphin weenie screamed and Kay brought in a beautiful 12-15lb Bull that gave us an incredible jumping display. After that, the action abruptly shut off – no more strikes, short or substantial for the next couple of hours. IT was odd, all of a sudden all the bait dissapeared – surface flyers and subsurface pods I’d been marking.

So we switched to grouper on a ledge I found – and man did we lose a couple of slammers down there. But both Greg and Kay landed a gag among several 2-3lb seabass – each was about an inch or two shy of legal but they still fight! Not a great day but we came and got what we were after – and that is what I am happy about. It is always good to spend time with such great folks.

Now that the dolphin are finally showing up in the 10-20 mile range, we should pick up more and more over hte next few weeks!