Too many? You got it! Massive Sharks, Huge Amberjacks, mahi-mahi less than 4 miles out, big kings, barracuda – it’s all happening!!!!

[b]Open Dates: Saturday June 30th, July 2nd, July 7th & 8th.[/b]

Overall Fishing Report:

[b]Inshore:[/b] The Red Drum bite has been fair to good over the past 2 weeks – we’ve had some slow days, some days full of little rats and other days where we just smoke the big slots. We’re also catching a fair number of flounder and a surpring number of speckled trout – some days we even had 12-15 keepers! That’s pretty good for the summer!

[b]Nearshore:[/b] IT’S ON FIRE. Every morinng there has been a fantastic spanish mackerel bite on the beach – trolling or casting spin (or fly) to big schools of breaking fish has been the ticket and we’re catching 12-15 fish per charter without breaking a sweat before looking for other things.

The MASSIVE SHARK bite is simply ON FIRE. We’ve been smoking the big 50-150lb blacktips, sandbars & duskies right on the beach. I’ve even made a few people cry under the strain of the big fish. We’ve even been targeting them on the fly – and the results have been incredible!!!!

The amberjack bite is also off the hook and we’ve been killing them at the nearshore wrecks and reefs – we had a couple 20 fish to 80 pound days…the problem is that most of them ARE TOO BIG! What a problem to have!

[b]The dolphin (mahi-mahi) bite has also moved inshore and I’ve been getting good numbers within 5 miles of the beach!![/b] The king mackerel bite has also been great as well!

[b]Offshore:[/b] Again – much like nearshore – it’s on. Dolphin, Kings, AJs, etc.

6/27 – Today my friend Gordon and I went out to get some sharks on the fly. It was AUTOMATIC. They destroyed our tackle, period. Our 12 weight was no match for some – we did land a half-dozen to 60lbs and lost some massive beasts that dumped 400+ yds of line and backing.

I got some AMAZING video and will have it online within a day or so (hopefully).

6/26 – After boating a bunch of spaniards, Jeff and his sons, Daniel Samuel and Joseph wanted some BIG FISH. Big sharks it was. Everybody landed 1 – with the smalles being 75-100lbs and the biggest a hair over 100 (my approximation). And the best part? It was Samuel – the youngest – who landed that one all by himself! Regardless, these fish were so big one even borke the reel seat on one of my 60lb stand-up rods!

After the boys were WUPPED, we decided to do a little live-baiting and we found…a bunch of dolphin! [b]We landed 6 6-12lb dolphin less than 5 miles from the beach! [/b]Most were on spinning gear and they put up great fights – you should have seen how excited these guys were to see those fish jump. Also, we got a bonus ‘cuda and 1 king. Not bad for 90 minutes of
slow trolling!

6/25 – The Glover crew! Great guys from all over the place….and we had a lot of action today. First we did the el spaniard thing – getting a bunch for dinner via casting. Then we went to do a little live-bait trolling.

We didnt catch any kings (that we landed) but we never went more than a few minutes without a knock-down – we ended up catching [b]two nice mahi-mahi (less than 6 miles from shore!!!), [/b]some AJs, cudas and a bunch of sharks – and we had a BLAST.

Today I went out “fun fishin'” with some good old friends and we headed offshore to look for some mahi. First we stopped at a shrimp trawler to get Ted a big shark – it took 5 secs for a hook-up and he brought a 50lb sandbar to the boat shortly after.

It was slick calm offshore and we found a great dolphin bite – in fact, it was so calm that we could actually see them busting bait on the surface! We caught a few small gaffers casting stingsilver and jigs – and I got 1 on the fly (the smallest of the day – of course!)

On the troll we picked up 12 8-14lb gaffers, 2 25-30lb kings (released) and finished out the day with a few AJs. Beth got herself a nice 30 pounder that just about had her in tears. Awesome guys!

Butterfly jigs and soft-plastics were the deal for these guys!

Big sandbar shark!

Today was the AJ day- I new they were around, got some bait (and caught a few nice spaniards) and ran just a few miles off the beach…and we found the motherload of AJs. It was non-stop and Jean and his son fought monster AJs all morning and into the afternoon. We broke off countless fish and had them slamming pogies mere feet from the transom. They ended up boating close to a dozen to 70lbs – and [b]i got some AWESOME video. I cant wait to have the time to edit it and stick it online![/b]

We found a school of “little” 5-15lb AJs at the end of the day – they were a big relief. We didnt have to fight them for 30-60 minutes!

After the AJ day – and I was also exhausted – I ran home and slipped out to look for a few tailing reds. I found a few, quickly and was able to coax one little guy

A few inshore reports…

I took out Greg and co. looking for a few reds – and we did find a few. Gregg managed a slot fish on his second cast and a nice 30 incher a bit later. The coolest thing was, when I was poling the boat from the tower, I look down at Gregg’s bait and watched a nice 3-4lb flounder come out of the mud, run down the spinnerbait, open his mouth and crush it! It was awesome!!

Matt and I had a great time this past week – the charter was a graduation present to himself (I like how he thinks!). …and Matt is one heck of angler and can cover some serious water. We picked away at fish all day long and he found himself a good class of fish landing a couple nice slots and a really nice over-slot fish.

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Drew and Austin – the trip was a present to these guys from Drew’s dad. These guys live and breath the outdoors – it’s all they do (isnt it nice to find teens who just love fishin’?). We covered a lot of water and found a few good fish – some small reds and a nice flounder that Drew boated. We did, towards the end of the tide, find a really good concentration of reds – several big schools on a shallow flat. It was, however, really cloudy and sight casting was tough. We did get a few hook-ups but we spooked a ton of fish – tough fishing but we did good and had a great time. Keep fishing guys!