6/22 – After a nice calm Tuesday, my clients were greated by a 15 (building to 20) SW wind Wednesday morning. It was a bit too rough for them (don’t blame them) so we decided to call it off – so I woke up my Dad and my sister’s boyfriend, Kyle, and made them come fish with me…hehehehe. It was a bit rough out there but not uncomfortable – we decided to do a little trolling for kings. It didn’t take long and we put a 23′ fish in the boat – Kyle’s first ever saltwater fish. After that we worked some structure getting some good knockdowns and boating a big blacktip. After the shark, a reel screamed and we boated a 26′ fish that we decided to keep for dinner. Everything else was released…and on that note, that fish fed 6 people with more to spare. Bait of the day was live jumping mullet.

6/23 – Rough – slept in.

6/24 – Friday morning, Adam, Dave and I were greated by a calm East wind (not my favorite wind at all) and decided to try for some kings and flounder. After working some biat with only a few knockdowns we switched over to flounder – weeded through the undersized bass and caught one pretty quickly. After that short break, it was then that we decided to try for some kings again. So I went to a spot that tends to be productive for me – within 2 minutes one of the lines was screaming. After that, for the next 2.5 hours, the rods were screaming constantly. Often as soon as the bait was in the propwash it would get hit – double, triple headers. We had over 40 knockdowns and landed around 14 or 15.

6/25 – After slayin’ the kings for a couple of days, I got ready to put Frank, Scott and Dustin (aka Bubba) on some of those kings early before hitting the marsh at high tide. Now I didn’t get a hit immeadiatly this morning – we had to wait a whole 10 minutes before getting the first knockdown. After a couple more short strikes, it was on – a triple header. After that, it was no stop for 2 hours. In 2.5 hours we had over 40 knockdowns, boated several undersized fish, lost a really nice one at the boat and kept 6 25 to 28′ fish for dinner. We had a few screamers this morning that smoked my reels before pulling the hooks – there are some big fish out there!! If it hadn’t started to get quite rough, who knows how many fish we would have pulled in!! After getting back inside we hit the marsh for a few hours with little luck – we had to cut the day short due to an imposing downpour that we tried to outrun. I got us right as I was pulling in the slip – soaking us all to the bone. Even so, it was a great day and I know Ill be seeing these boys again in the future – man can they fish!!

The kings may not be huge but they’re getting bigger – and man is it fun to hear that reel scream!

[b]6/22 – The one fish we kept for dinner – it was too rough for pictures out on the water!![/b]

[b]6/24 – Some of the nice snake kings we brought in.[/b]

[b]6/25 – More Kings![/b]