This morning I headed out with Phil, Dave and Janet – formarly of Maryland and now of New Bern to chase a few of those fantastic Bonito!

The bite wasn’t as incredible as Sunday’s – but the fish were there and they were hungry. This morning they were mostly sub-surface and i was able to light-tackle troll up a few bites as the crew expertly jigged up a few more and caught a few more casting to some scared breaking pods of fish. When these little tunas smash a topwater plug or hit a trolled plug – the scream of the spinning rod is amazing and they never want to give up! It’s truly something everyone needs to experience.

The Bonito were large today (5-8lbs) and as beautiful as always – they kept four for dinner (hence the gaff). After the Bonito bite slowed a bit, we spent the rest of the morning jigging up incredible numbers of bluefish and a few nice seabass. In 5 hours, we caught over 300 bluefish (of all sizes) and they were ectatic! I love seeing people who are so excited to fish!!

Still some good dates open for next week – call for availability!