After two crappy years of striper fishing in Weldon – 2008 was finally back to normal. While a friends wedding and other schedule conflicts (aka – all the great fishing at the coast!) prevented me from fishing my usual 7 or so days, I still managed to get up there for a few days.

While I was a wee bit early for the topwater bite, we had good numbers on fly and on jig/artificials on most days. The fly rod, as always, was by far the most productive method and we could easily put 20-30 fish per angler in the boat during a morning or evening half-day. Some nights we did much better than that even!

[b]The highlight of my trip was a monster sow striper that Brad hooked on the night of the 6th – right as we were about to head in, he hooked a BEAST on the 8 weight that we had to chase up the river….and down the river. We fought it for a good while and just barely got to glimpse it…before it bent the 4/0 hook straight. We were heart-broken – but Brad was pumped to have been able to hook into a fish of such size with the long rod (a rather RARE occurance!)! I estimated it at over 30lbs.
Scott’s decent fish!

Taylor’s first fly-rod striper (it deserves a posting even though its a wee little guy).

Father and son with a typicaly buck.