I had the pleasure of fishing with Jason, Donnie and Roger again – we had a great day last May and we hoped to do it again.

Today it was all about the pull with a few fish for a couple dinners being the secondary objective – my kind of guys! We started off casting to spanish off the beach, boating several nice ones before heading out to the wrecks.

We were immeadiatly swarmed by big AJs – too many AJs that were simply way too big. We saw some legitimate 80lb+ fish today and a few of them wupped us and then broke us off in the structure. We you can’t stop a fish with 20lbs of drag – you’re in trouble! We did see a couple nice cobia but we were so tangled up with jacks that we didn’t get a good shot at them.

We caught them every way we tried – we fed them menhaden right off the transom and spent most of the time throwing big poppers at them. They were all about the topwater today until we broke off our quota of $20 yo-zuri poppers but we had tons of strikes and everyone had at least 2 on the popper before we switched gears.

Ended the day, after everyone was WIPED OUT, doing a little bucktailing for flounder – and these boys did good. In due time, we boated 5 very nice gulf flounder – with the best 2 being 22″ apiece and three “smaller” ones being right at 17″. Thank goodness for the gulf flounder in the ocean (they get just about zero commercial fishing pressure) – we used to catch southern and summer flounder on the wrecks all the time. …now they are just about non-existant due to commercial over-fishing (commercials have a 14″ size limit and catch over 90% of the total flounder!!). That’s why fisheries management is a joke in this state!






A few more big jacks..