I apologize for the lack of reports – I’ve been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks. Partly because the fishing has been EXCELLENT. We finally had a few streaks of gorgeous weather and we were able to put a serious hurtin’ on some fish. The king mackerel bite is OFF THE HOOK right now – we’ve been catching as many as you could possibly want and once we limit out, moving on to other things. There are still lots of big bluefish around and while I haven’t been targeting cobia, we’ve been getting a one almost everyday (we’ve lost several and had some misfires). The Spanish mackerel are all over the beaches and the flounder bite is also HOT…and there are plenty of slot drum back in the marshes! I still have plenty of dates open for June, July and August – call me soon to catch your bigun’ this summer! T he dolphin should be here, nearshore, anyday!

I also have a new boat coming soon – I just have to sell my 21SE PArker first. IF anyone wants a great boat at a fantastic price – yuou know who to call!

Pics from the last week or so…

I got to fish with my two favorite clients again – Wright and Wright – who were last here for Bonito. We put a workout on the kings (with light tackle) in the morning, limiting out on 8-12lb fish within a couple hours…there were so many in the water we could see huge schools of kings swim under the boat in the crystal clear water!! We cobia hunted for a while (with no luck) and finished off the day with some sharks and a 5.5lb spanish. Awesome guys!!

Katie is working out-of-state for the summer, interning at a fisheries policy org in Cape Code – so I promised I’d take her out for a little summer NC fish-fix before she left. It was slick calm and we started off king-fishing, getting both out lines hits within 1 minute. We caught a few, releasing all of them and decided to try to chum up a cobe, shark or big blues. Well, we found the big blues – releasing a bunch up to 15lbs! What an awesome pull! After that, we hit a flounder spot for 30 minutes – katie completely out-fished me going 4 for 4 on flounder in 4 casts (all fish were 18-20 inches) to my one fish (I was too busy netting hers). We released two, keeping 3 for dinner. The flounder bite is quickly becoming HOT!!

I had the pleasure of fishing with Wolf Family, Dave, Chris and LAura, on their annual EI vacation. On the way out we got to see an incredible sight – a giant leatherback trying to jump out of the water clear remoras off his shell….well, he also had two escots in brown suits (est 70-80lbs). We got in two casts before they sped off – one was off the mark and mine wrapped line around the spool! Oh well, we tried…

After that we put a hurting on the kings with light tackle- catching 12, 14? in just a few hours – they kept 1 for dinner, releasing the rest. We tried chumming for a bite (a no go) so we went inshroe to try the flounder…we chased some scattered schools of Bonito for a bit with no luck before getting on the flounder. Man – it was even hotter today. We fished for an hour, landing 5 legal fish (they kept two for dinner) and losing at least twice that many! Awesome! Always a blast guys – can’t wait to get you on board next summer or for some good ol’ fall fishin’!

This morning I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and Donna who are new to the salt and were eager to learn. We started off right off the beach and put a serious hurting on the spanish using Yo-Zuri DDs before the blues moves in and we put a hurting on some good size 1-2lb snappers. After the blues moved in, we hit the wrecks looking for some flatties – and we found some a huge mess of big bull sharks and blacktips. We played with shakrs on the light-line and between the epic 12lb test battles, put 3 gorgeous flatties in the boat. Great fun guys!! Can’t wait to get you back again!

I also had the pleasure of fishing with Chris and Lisa, twice, for red drum over the past 10 days or so. The fishing was never red hot, but we found decent numbers of fishing both days and we managed lots of strikes and landed a handful of lower slot fish on both Gulp! jerk shad on flutter hooks and using Redfish Magic Spinnerbaits in the gloomier water. Pro Joes on Atlantic Beach has a killer selection of Gulp right now and flutter hooks – be sure to visit him and tell him he needs to carry spinnerbaits!

Graet time guys – I look forward to having to back again!