This morning I took my darling Katie fishing – I’ve been so busy, she’s only been able to get out once with me this entire spring! Unfortunately, we slept in for a bit and made it out a bit late – that fact, however, didn’t matter in the slightest.

On the way out, there was bait everywhere – big schools of greenie shad and cigar minnows were flipping all over the place, right off of the beach. We saw some spanish sky but decided to try for some of the kings and bonito we’ve been catching off of the beach.

Within minutes I spotted a huge flurry of activity on the horizon – GIANT schools of Bonito slamming bait balls! The hook-ups were instantanious with stingsilvers and big 6-8lb bonito would come skying out of hte water at our top-water plugs! The schools stayed up for a very long time and we could have caught as many as we could have ever wanted – so broke out the fly rod for awhile, etc. After an hour or so, the top-water action slowed so we broke out the light tackle trolling gear.

Pretty soon, one of the lines screamed and up came a big Bonito – a few minutes later, another rod went and in came a 26″ king. We caught a few more bonito and cast at a few schools that surfaced as we drove by – we lost two more nice (28-32″) kings right at the boat and even trolled up one of the elusive Frigate mackerel!! I haven’t seen one of these guys in a while! They usually make an appearance around this time of year as the Bonito are on the way out – but i think we’ll be seeing a bit more of these fish for the next couple of weeks 😉

The fishing is amazing! I have 23rd PM available and the 25th all-day. In addition, I’ve decided that i will charter memorial weekend – so if you’re interested, call ASAP.