5/20 – As a participant in the NCWatermen Military Appreciation Day, today I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert and Conrad (and NCWer DaveDownEast) – both marines from Cherry Point. Well, it was a tough, tough day. With a steady 20-25 knot wind (and gusts up to 30), the conditions were not so favorable. I told them that had it been a normal day, I would have absolutely cancelled. . .but we were going anyway. Instead of doing the cobia thing, they opted to get out of the wind and try for some reds. Well – it was cold, rainy and windy…and were in some of hte most protected areas in Carteret County. We’d cast spoons, top-dogs and watch our casts land 30 feet of their mark. I even zapped the batteries of my 24volt trolling motor in less than 5 hours as I had it running on full speed nearly all day.

We managed a few hits on topwaters and spinnerbaits before Dave hooked into this gorgeous beast red (29″). The only fish we landed all day. The fishing and conditions stank – but we all had a great time nonetheless. I felt truly honored to have those men on board.

5/19 – BLOWN OUT, cancelled.

5/18 – BLOWN OUT, cancelled.

5/17 – The only day I had open all week and it was the only day with a nice window of weather – and i got to fish with katie and my dad, so it doesnt get much better than that. The water was very stirred up from all the wind – but we still managed some fish. There were a few scattered spanish and bonito – and we got into a decent bite of small (1-2lb) Bonito, landing about a half-dozen and keeping a few for some ceviche.

5/16 – BLOWN OUT, cancelled.

5/15 – BLOWN OUT, cancelled.