This evening I had the pleasure of fishing with Chris and Bill, aka “kansas sea legs” – two young docs from Greenville. By the time we got underway the afternoon sea breeze was blowing up some sloppy 2-4 footers but these two boys were warriors. These two guys could throw a stingsilver with precise accuracy – alwasy good to fish with experienced anglers.

It didn’t take long to find out that things were about to take off – within minutes we found several balls of spearing (a small baitfish) being hammered by small blues and giant flocks of turns. At first, it was just clouds of small bluefish that would smack a lure as soon as it hit the water. Pretty soon the size of the bluefish increased unitl they were a steady 3-4lbs. A great class of fish. It was then that I saw tuna shapes breaking the surface – a couple of casts didnt produce any stikes (odd being that Bonito are never picky) and then Bill’s reel screamed drag twice as fast as any Bonito i’ve ever seen! While the fish broke off at the boat, chris hooked and successfully landed oen of these mysterious fish after a 20 minute fight – low and behold, a 16lb false albacore. It’s amazing how things can change in just a couple of hours! Huge schools of very big albacore (15-20+ lbs) slashed at bait schools along with some big sharks and to many 3-6lb bluefish to count. Finally, we did find some Bonito – hooking several and landing one. While the Bonito fishing was tought – the action and scenery was quite incredible. We’ll all remember this day for quite some time