This morning was day 2 with Dennis from Indiana – the bite was good this morning and the water was a slick as I’ve seen it all day. Easily the prettiest day of the year so far!

Having caught a bunch on spinning tackle yesterday, Dennis wanted to concentrate on fly fishing in the early morning – he was hooked up almost instantaneously as he expertly put his fly into a school of busting fish. However, the surface action was short and blind casting was not working with the current conditions. We, however, managed to find a great bite in the vicinity using some “light tackle trolling” methods and landed several beautiful bonito and countless 1-2lb bluefish.

The highlight of the day came mid-morning when one of the spinning reels started to scream – as i turned to look at the rod, 50 feet behind the boat a GIANT (10-12′ and 150-200lb) THRESHER SHARK came rocketing straight out of the water – 5 to 6 feet in the air!!! As he skyed, Dennis’ plug went shooting out of his mouth!!! My heart pounded for at least thirty minutes – not a site you see very often!

Dennis told me that Bonito fishing was some of the most exciting fishing he’s done – with some of the best fights! I know I’ll be hearing from him on his next trip to the beautiful crystal coast!