After several more days of GALE FORCE WINDS, we finally got another window to fish. I had some regulars again to day – the Barnes crew – and they were DUE for a good day. It was way too rough in the morning but come afternoon it got very, very nice. We decided to fish early afternoon to late evening and hoped to find a late afternoon Bonito bite. Long story short – it wasn’t wide open but we still found a great bite.

We started with some “prospect trolling” and Linda struck first catching a nice bonito right off the bat and Jason followed with a nice spanish. A few minutes after that and we had absolute pandemonium – Jason spotted a HUGE (and I mean HUGE – 90lbs+) cobia swimming on the surface. She roared after a bucktail but turned off at the last moment and sounded, not to be seen by us again.

Seeking cleaner water, we moved – and it was on. As soon as we stopped the Boat, Linda hooked into a really nice Bonito…and the Jacks decided to invade. Big AJs. We hooked several on poppers – with Chrissy managing to land our lone jack – and it was a BEAST. We tried for a good while trying to get Jason one on the fly rod but it wasnt working out – Jason had more than enough cast and talent – they just were not quite aggressive enough to get them to chase the fly.

So, we got into the Bonito again and got a quick double header – Mother and Son! Then it was on to one of my little flounder ledges…and in 30 mins, we wacked them. Four nice keepers (the two biggest at 20″) and had several pull off. What an awesome day!!!