Today was day 1 with Dennis from Indiana – and we were in search of the ever-present and extremely fun Atlantic Bonito. Again, today, the bite was subsurface and we never once saw a single Bonito break the surface.

However, within 15 seconds of putting a bait in the water we had a nice “Bone” hooked and a few minutes later, the beautiful fish was in the boat. For a short period of time, the bite slowed and we played with some bluefish while we searched for more Bonito. There were several other boats around us – I did not see a single Bonito caught by another boat and thus many were quickly frustrated and went home. Some folks stuck around for less than 10 minutes before giving up!! Remember, just because you don’t see the fish doesn’t mean they’re not there!

Dennis was able to land several other beautiful Bonito – including one that came up to the boat with 20 of his buddies as well as a “superhero” Bonito (7lbs) that he faught steady for 20 minutes before I finally got it over the gunnel. All fish were released to swim another day.

Event of the day: a 4 foot hammerhead shark we got to chase a stingsilver before sounding.